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Body, Hand & Feet

Body Treatments

Ki Body Contour Wrap

This decadent body treatment detoxifies, exfoliates and tones the body. It begins with dry brushing and a scrumptious Sweet Cream Salt Scrub full body exfoliation. After showering off in our private shower a cooling Cactus Toning Gel is applied which heats and tingles as it opens the pores to restore skin hydration while firming and toning your body. You will enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as you are wrapped in warm blankets for twenty minutes. The treatment ends with a full body application of Agave Nectar Body Oil. With its intoxicating aroma it seals in the moisture revealing glistening , soft skin.

90 minutes $180

Ki Rehydrating Sea Algae Wrap

Relax your mind and body as you are surrounded in warmth with sea algae from the waters of France. This mineral enriched algae and essential oil formula creates an extraordinary sensation of well-being. While you are gently wrapped in a blanket your skin absorbs the natural seaweed which nourishes and re-hydrating your skin. Scalp massage and full body crème application are included.

60 minutes. Traditional Wrap $180

Ki Green Tea Infused Mud Wrap

Prepare for total body rejuvenation. Antioxidant rich green tea is mixed with purifying mud to create a truly detoxifying synergy. Gently wrapped in warm blankets, this mixture penetrates deep into the skin to detoxify and remineralize the body. While cocooned, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. This treatment finishes with an emollient full body crème application.

60 minutes. Traditional Wrap $180

Ki Soothing Lemongrass Bamboo Polish

Using Ki’s invigorating Lemongrass and Bamboo formula, a simple body treatment with profound results. Enjoy a gentle exfoliation using Ki’s aromatic Lemongrass and Bamboo Formula that both renews and refreshes the skin. Completing the renewal is a generous application of body crème for an all over silky, smooth appearance.

(Please refrain from shaving the day of treatment) 60 minutes $110

Ki Illuminating Salt Glow

Enjoy a more invigorating exfoliation using a blend of sea salts and natural oils. This scrub will exfoliate and stimulate dull and dehydrated skin resulting in a softer, more refined appearance. Your choice of aromatherapy and relaxing body crème application included.

(Please refrain from shaving the day of treatment) 60 minutes $110

Ki Reflexology

Relax those hard working feet with an hour of focused attention. This session uses thumb pressure to work on specific reflex points in the feet. All of these points refer to individual organs and parts of the body. Activating these reflexes will help to promote circulation and deep relaxation.

60 Minutes $80, 30 Minutes $55

Ki Shirodhara

An ancient Ayurvedic therapy using warm herb infused oil continuously poured on the “third Eye” of the forehead promoting tranquility and mental clarity. Benefits include alleviation of mental stress and tension, enhancement of circulation to the brain, nourishment of the hair and a balancing of the body and mind. A relaxing add on to any of our massages.

45 Minutes $75

Ki Personalized Aromatherapy Steam Treatment

Experience a private steam treatment with your choice of aromatherapy. Relax on our massage table and receive a scalp massage and cool towels while you steam. Burns calories, cleanse pores and warm muscle tissues. Great to pair with a massage.

30 minutes $70

* prices subject to change