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Ki Rainbow Maker

Enjoy our full body transformative CBD Hi-Bio™ Healing Stone massage that will nourish skin, induce luminosity and restore your sore muscles. Indulge in this blissful Cloud 9 Swedish massage as our botanical oil fights free radicals and helps skin maintain its hydration and relieve pain and soreness in your overworked muscles. Packed chock-full of Hi-Bio™ fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp body cream infused with US Grown, non-GMO soy oil rich in essential fatty acids and skin calming organic cucumber extract. High in antioxidants, cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals that help fight free radical damage, this ultra-relaxing massage journey is unlike anything else you’ve experienced!

90 minutes $200, 60 minutes $170

Ki Stellar Body Splendor

Experience full body bliss featuring our fast-absorbing CBD Hi-Bio™ Shea Butter Cream for the ultimate in relaxation and mood elevation while addressing issues of pain, tension, arthritis, and sore muscles.  Includes stonework on the back, warm towels and aromatherapy.

90 minutes $170, 60 minutes $140

Ki Side By Side

You and your special someone can enjoy this massage with a tranquil hour of side by side relaxation in our Couples Suite. You each receive an hour of full body massage complete with stone work on the back, aromatherapy and warm towels.

90 minutes $325, 60 minutes $265


Ki Healing Stone Massage

This luxurious and relaxing massage incorporates the use of heat and aromatherapy. Heated basalt stones are used all over the body to help penetrate the muscle tissue, which aids in the promotion of deep relaxation. This massage promotes deeper state of tranquility and melts away stress. Hot towels included.

90 minutes $175, 60 minutes $145

Ki Deep Tissue Massage

A massage specifically designed for relief of problem areas by releasing trigger points, loosening muscles and tendons, and increasing flexibility. Hot towels, aromatherapy and some stone work included.

90 minutes $160, 60 minutes $130

Ki Tranquility Massage

Deep relaxation and a balanced state of mind are achieved through this swedish relaxation massage. A unique combination of lavender and other relaxing essential oils are combined to promote a feeling of euphoria. Hot towels, aromatherapy and some stone work included.

90 minutes $145, 60 minutes $115

Ki Revitalize Massage

This swedish massage increases circulation and decreases muscle and joint pain with the uplifting essential oil blend of lemongrass, ginger and other essential oils. Great for athletes and those suffering from arthritis. Hot towels, aromatherapy and some stonework included.

90 minutes $145, 60 minutes $115

Ki Tension Tamer Massage

The ultimate relaxing experience with a focus on stressed and tension laden muscles of the back & neck. 
Begins with a back and neck massage, followed by an application of soothing and cooling oil to release tension, then you’re covered in warm towels and cocooned under a blanket while legs & feet are massaged. Full body massage is completed with warm towels on feet and aromatherapy.

90 minutes $160, 60 minutes $120

Ki Mom to Be

A must-have for the mother-to-be. This will not only ease those aching muscles but will also be a treat for your baby! Your therapist, specially trained in the art of prenatal massage, can adapt the massage for your specific stage of pregnancy. Focus is on areas of concern, including backaches, leg cramps, fatigue, insomnia, and headache. The comforting treatment is only recommended after the first trimester of pregnancy.

90 minutes $145, 60 minutes $115

Ki Sinus and Headache Tamer

Relieve headaches, migraines and sinus pressure with this amazing combination treatment of a headache relieving warm mustard soak for the feet, followed by a sinus clearing acupressure massage for the face.

45 minutes $75

*prices subject to change